January Garden Plotting



As you well know, it is January. In the northern hemisphere it is the time when gardeners are inundated with seed catalogues. My recycling basket grows heavy with unwanted catalogues. Now that the bones of my urban garden are visible, I can work out where and what to plant for the coming spring.

I’m considering Sweet Corn that can be grown in a container, you can find this modern miracle sold online through Burpee seed company. Perhaps two containers on the patio next to the cucumber containers. Along with the corn and cucumbers, I’m growing carrots in containers. The garden has areas of full sun and areas that are shady, I have to carefully choose what grows in each section. I’ve had success in the past with cabbage, celery, and broccoli in the shady area. Pole beans did well in this area, surprisingly. In the full sun, I want to plant a mix of canning tomatoes and heirloom varieties. Also, I want to try peppers, sweet and hot, along with eggplant. Herb seedlings will be placed in a large container.

Before purchasing seeds or seedlings, I sketch out the garden, arranging the plants in the areas that best suits them and making any changes as the garden becomes visualized. In addition, I track where I purchased the seed or seedling and how well it performed. This helps in winnowing out the non-starters for this garden and informs me of the following year crop rotation.

Garden essentials

In case you are wondering about my garden credentials – my vegetable garden has won awards through PHS City Garden Contest. I keep my garden simple, clean and organic as mother nature intended.


Any questions about urban gardening? Let me know in the comment section. I will post periodic updates on the garden as the year progresses.



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