June 13th – Full Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon
Early morning on Friday, June 13th  lucky moon viewers will get the chance to view the ‘Honey’ moon/Strawberry Moon. The Sun’s path being is at its height this month and the moon is at its lowest orbit which keeps the moon close to the horizon and exhibiting a golden hue. Of course, there is cloud cover in Philly tonight. Arghhh!

I’ll make it a point to check out the rising moon, assuming the clouds have dispersed, tomorrow evening.  If the skies are clear and the moon looks magical, I’m heading to my new spot to take moon photos.  At the same time I can fill the gas tank and grab a hazelnut coffee. Win/Win in my book. Of course, I’ll upload the photo to this post if I am successful.

Until then, I found a video discussing the legend of the ‘Strawberry Moon’.


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