June Garden Update


By some luck the garden is growing. Running a marathon in the middle of spring has a way wrecking carefully thought out gardening plans.

Okay, I have to admit, I wrote the line above a few weeks earlier. Then this happened last Friday:


The neighbors’ tree spontaneously split and fell over into my yard, smashing down on two raised beds and a row of tomato plants. Thankfully the tree has been removed and with any luck, I might be able to salvage the tomato plants. The raised beds shall be turned over and used for late summer/fall planting. The patio veggies and herbs were unscathed and are thriving. I’m getting ready to set seeds in the greenhouse for carrots, beets, chard, and onions. And by greenhouse, I mean a four tier greenhouse with a clear plastic cover equipped with zip up panels for access. Urban gardening at its finest, my friends.


My Moonflower, Morning Glory and Sweet Pea mix is growing like crazy! Tiny tendrils are slowly winding their way up three six-foot high garden trellises arranged against an ugly concrete wall. Soon the bare concrete wall will be covered in a riot of fragrance and flowers. I grow these every year against this ugly wall to great results. This year I’m documenting the growth for a time-lapse photo project. Of course, I’ll share the results on the blog.


Sadly, I cannot have a field full of Lavender. I’ll have to settle for a container full of Lavender on the patio.

This year has been a gardening challenge/nightmare, however, I’m finding it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with some thought and effort. Now on to weeding…sigh.


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  • Trevor Hilton

    Want to borrow my chainsaw? 😀

    • Tania

      Fortunately I don’t have to resort to that measure. My neighbor had the tree removed. Now I’m in the process of cleaning up the garden, salvaging what I can and prepping late summer/fall vegetables.

  • rochester_veteran

    Again, so sorry to hear about your neighbor’s tree falling into your yard and taking out your tomatoes. The rest of your garden is coming in nicely though. It’s beautiful! Good job, Tania!