June Pick Your Own – Strawberries


Nothing says June like a glut of strawberries.

Spent a sunny afternoon at Linvilla Orchards picking large quantities of red, ripe strawberries. As you can see, they were very ripe. They needed to be eaten, baked into a pie, and made into strawberry jam as soon as possible. I missed the opportunity to make strawberry yogurt popsicle with this batch but there is always next weekend.


What bucolic fun for city folk. Although, I would not mind my strawberry patch on an allotment or small farm.

strawberry jam

Using Food In Jars strawberry vanilla jam recipe, I preserved 5 pint sized jars of strawberry vanilla goodness. This jam is fabulous right out of the jar (I speak from experience) or paired with homemade honey vanilla ice cream. Now that the refrigerator has been replaced, I plan on making homemade ice cream this summer, fall and winter.


Anyone else jamming this summer? Let me know in the comment section.


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  • Trevor Hilton

    I remember going to pick strawberries with my Mom. She made jelly, ice cream, or would slice them up with a little sugar on them

    • Tania

      I’m the one starting this tradition in the family. Always the trailblazer 🙂

  • rochester_veteran

    Looks yummy! When will you be opening up a “Tani’s Strawberry Jam” franchise in Rochester? 😉

    • rochester_veteran

      We’re not having a good season for strawberries in Western New York:

      From: Strawberry pickers will have fewer choices this season

      Unfavorable weather conditions, including too much rain last summer and a freeze over Memorial Day weekend, reduced the quantity of strawberries available for picking

      Plus we’ve had a real rainy June, floods in Ontario and Livingston counties, that’s not helping our strawberry crop at all. You could probably make a killing up here with your strawberry jam, Tania!

      • Tania

        That’s Mother Nature for ya!

        • rochester_veteran

          Yeah, the rain has been crazy at times! Check out this comparison photo taken of the gorge in Watkins Glen this past Sunday:

          Watkins Glen gorge trail overflow

    • Tania

      Maybe. If I can hold onto the preserves and not eat them.

      • rochester_veteran

        Love strawberry preserves too, with crunchy peanut butter on toasted whole wheat bread accompanied by a glass of chocolate milk!

        • Tania

          Essentially, everything pairs well with strawberry preserves. Oh, update: I am now down to 4 jars of jam.