KickStarter: Kashmir Photo Pack For Women


The photo above shows what I would carry in my Kashmir backpack if it had arrived on time…grrr..

In 2014 backed a Kickstarter project from f-stoppers gear. The Kashmir is an ultralight backcountry adventure backpack designed for female photographers. This ticks a bunch of items for me. This is a backpack I can use for photography on day hikes in the wilderness – where no Starbucks can be found. The delays on shipping this backpack to the backers have been extensive. The latest update looks promising, I hope..

August 3rd update from the f-stop team:

USA & Canada: These orders will be shipped directly from our Hong Kong warehouse starting on Wednesday. Tracking info will be provided either via e-mail or as a message on Kickstarter. These orders will take 6-9 days to arrive after they have been shipped.

Yay! I may get this backpack in time for Iceland. I will be checking my email and kickstarter page for shipping updates. Don’t fail me f-stoppers!


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  • Our good friend and Staff Pro, Tim Kemple, spent a day with Kate Bishop, a freelance photographer, in Northern California testing out our new Kashmir pack. What is Kickstarter?

  • The one for my wife just arrived yesterday 🙂

    • Tania

      Lucky you! I am still waiting…

  • rochester_veteran

    Mount Marcy here ya come! Perhaps Bald Mountain for starters…