Lightroom CC Dehaze Tool

Adobe recently released an update to their Lightroom editing software. Included in this update is a new tool that allows the user to remove haze from their photos. At first blush, I didn’t consider it useful. I tested the tool while post processing photos from a recent trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.

I was blown away. Seriously.

Below is a photo I took of Mr. Sleepypants Lion. The plexiglass separating me from the snoozing carnivore created a mist-like haze with the photo.

Pre Dehaze Photo

I simply used the slider tool removed the haze. You can see an immediate difference in the photo just by using the slider tool. Amazing!

Post Dehaze Photo

A more polished image of the sleeping Lion.


Terry White, Adobe evangelist, gives a quick look at this new tool in Lightroom’s photo editing arsenal. A-freaking-mazing.

What are your favorite tool to use in Lighroom? I am seriously fan-girling this editing platform today!


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