Meet Buster and Penny


Buster and Penny have an ongoing ritual of sorts in arguing over who gets to play with the Kong bone. This encounter usually ends with me taking the toy and giving it to one of them. They really show no signs of stopping this ‘discussion’ when it gets started until I intervene.

The other night I decided to film this interaction as best I could. Both special dogs of mine are extremely camera-shy and I had to work at placing the camera as unobtrusively as possible. There is no color correction for the artificial indoor light I had to use. Setting up a continuous light with a diffuser would have sent both dogs into hiding.

Buster and Penny are both adopted dogs. Buster is a Pomeranian/Eskie mix and Penny is a Chi/NorfolK Terrier mix.


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  • rochester_veteran

    Even when they get into confrontations over the bone though, they’re not getting vicious with each other. Good doggies and cute as all get out!

    • Tania

      There has never been any aggression between them with toys or food.