Mini Book Review: Finding Mr. Righteous


Searching for Mr. Right in Washington DC is a hellish, soul sucking endeavor. Body image issues and faith questions will kick the suck to astronomical levels. This I knew before opening page one of Lisa De Pasquale’s first published book  – Finding Mr. Righteous.

My first contact with Lisa De Pasquale came when seeking blogger/media credentials to cover a CPAC convention several years ago. She came across as a professional and competent director for this event, then CPAC let her go. I was delighted when news of her book splashed across my social media outlets and quickly added it to my Kindle collection.

The book takes a breezy look back at a decade of dating and religious soul searching by Lisa. Quite frankly, she lays out a train wreck that we all have incurred in our personal dating past, myself included. The candor in which she discusses her weight issues and what impact they had on her relationships is a powerful undercurrent in this book. It is where I most connected with her journey in this book. Today, I enjoy the benefits of an organic and healthy lifestyle, but this was not always true. In my twenties, I struggled with bulimia and all the associated image issues that go along with this disease. I truly get her struggles with her weight and applaud her openness in sharing it with the world.

The book billed by some as ‘Christian Chic Lit’, I find the book has far broader appeal to women regardless of their religious status. We all are on a journey to find our authentic selves, and of course, our own version of ‘Mr. Righteous’. It is good to know that we are not alone with all our mistakes and successes in this journey and I would happily recommend this book to anyone.

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  • Tania


    Thanks for the prayers. I prefer a simple relationship with JC, who I believe would make an awesome runner today.

    I’m happy to read that your are getting your veggies and exercise! It’s not like we have a great healthcare system anymore, so you’re going to need to stay healthy. 🙁

  • Trevor Hilton

    I’m very Blessed in that regard. I haven’t always eaten right, but I have always enjoyed exercise. Now I’m married to a nice Asian woman who feeds me lots of vegetables, and still lets me enjoy a good steak once in a while. She used to be buddhist, but now is a Christian and goes to Church with me.
    I Pray for you often, Tania. I don’t know what your relationship with Jesus Christ is like, but I Pray for you anyway.