New Feature for Lenstag


Today the founder of Lenstag, Trevor Sehrer,  announced a new feature that will combat image theft by tracking the unauthorized use of members images on the internet.  In an email to members, Trevor explained how this feature works: It works like this: if you have at least one verified digital camera, you’ll now get notifications via email and within Lenstag if Lenstag Rescue comes across an image with metadata containing your camera’s serial number and model name. If someone copies your image from your portfolio to their blog or their portfolio, for example, it can be detected and you can be notified.

Lenstag is a website that allows users to create a free registry of their gear. In doing so, members are asked to give proof of ownership in the form of a photo of the lens or gear with the serial number clearly shown. Once the gear is verified by the Lenstag team, a green ‘verified’ icon is placed next to the item in your registry.


My Lenstag registry


In the unfortunate event of gear theft, you can create a stolen gear report through Lenstag, marking the item on your registry as stolen. At the same time, a stolen listing is added to Google searches. Potential buyers will be able to check if the gear they are considering purchasing is potentially stolen by doing a simple Google search of the serial number.  Camera gear is a popular item for petty thieves these days. Two years ago, my car was broken into and the jerk(s) ran off with my beloved Panasonic DMC-LX3. There was no easy way for me to search for my stolen camera at the time, so I had to let it go. Honestly, it still burns me to this day.  It’s replacement, the DMC-LX5, along with the rest of my camera gear is registered or in the process of being registered with Lenstag.

With the expanded capabilities, Lenstag Rescue will be able to find images with meta data containing serial number & model name of verified cameras. When they are found, an email will be sent to the member notifying them of potential unauthorized use of the image.

If you have not created a registry with Lenstag, I strongly recommend you do so. It is a free, powerful tool to help victims of theft recover their gear and now check where their images are being posted. Another reason to join Lenstag – this service works! Lenstag was successful in returning a stolen lens to its owner.

Hello, why are you still here? Go forth and register your gear with Lenstag!


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