New Year Thoughts


In 2012 I organized a training plan focused on the goal of running in the Philadelphia Marathon. In what I though was an inspired moment, I registered for a sprint triathlon hosted by SheRox – an all female triathlon series. The triathlon seemed an easy way to include more cross training into an already busy marathon training schedule.

Training was not easy but I was persistent and goal oriented. During the last week of training for the triathlon, a rather weird thought popped into my brain. Piranha. A school of Piranha would attack me during the swimming event. This thought took root in my mind. Many times during that week, I had to mentally walk myself back from near panic over this thought. Researching the types of fish inhabiting the Schuylkill river, I discovered Piranha did not make the list of indigenous species. Still the thought continued to bother my peace of mind.

Race day rolled around, I swallowed my fear and jumped into Schuylkill at the start of the race. All thoughts of Piranha disappeared as I completed the swim part of the triathlon. It seemed I was not devoured by Piranha after all. Despite having evidence that refuted any potential Piranha attack, I had to go through the experience to assuage this assuage the fear.

So why am I sharing this embarrassing story with all you? On Friday, January 20th, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. The following day women marched in rallies expressing their fears of having hard-earned rights stripped from them. And they are scared. I am writing this post to say it is okay to be scared; in the end, it will be alright.

President Trump’s campaign upended all conventional ideas of campaigning. This disruption forced many political pundits along with Hillary supporters to re-check their world view. They are facing the unknown and dealing with fear that is naturally associated.

Let me share with you my thoughts on the future. In four years, women will head to the polls and cast their vote for President. (No, I don’t believe voting rights for women will go away). In four years, I hope to buy birth control pills over the counter. (No, there will be no banning of birth control). In the coming four years, women may have more affordable healthcare coverage choices specific to their needs and those of their family. (No, healthcare will not disappear with this administration.) With hope, in four years, an exceptional woman will run for president. (Yes, there will be a woman president; it is only a matter of time). I flat-out do not believe in the #sexisthomophobicracist label that has floated around. That is fear speaking, not reason and I will not give it more attention on this blog.

This morning I posted a photo quote on Facebook that read ’Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity’. That quote is the best way I have found to face fears associated with this dramatic political change. I’m a grown woman, there is little we can’t handle. Though, I will admit to being very curious to see how this political change unfolds over the years. And my dear readers, I hope you are too. As we move forward let us work to put aside fear and embrace the wonderment of our own individual freedoms. BE CURIOUS!


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  • So much negativity abounding and even a resistance movement has been formed, even before Trump took the oath of office. FB has been awful at times with friends posting daily rants and nasty memes and I’ve unfollowed a bunch of them, I got tired of seeing that crap! I’m pushing all of that negativity aside and moving forward in life, not in fear, but by following your example, Tania, of being brave and curious!

  • D. B. Light

    You get so many things right, Tania. The future is an adventure and only time will reveal what it holds. Whatever that is I’m sure that for you it will hold moments of wonder and joy and fulfillment. So face it bravely and keep on swimming.