PC Insanity and A Brilliant Run

The transition into the new PC has been rocky due to two factors. I moved from Win 7 to Win 8.1 and the enormous amount of programs and files sitting on my desktop hard drive.

Going from Win 7 to Windows 8.1 threw me in the deep end of the pool. It took a week before I was able to find the power status to shut down the computer. Prior to that discovery, I would close all my programs and slowly back away from the machine. The UI of Skype is absolutely ridiculous and I haven’t figured out how to answer an incoming call.  Arghhh! The splash screen..sigh…I just don’t see a clear use for desktop PC users. The splash screen on a non-touch monitor is all but useless. It truly is a feature meant for tablets not desktop PC’s. Honestly, I’ve never had such a challenging time getting used to a new operating system.

Can a person be a computer program horder? Seriously. I can’t believe how many unused programs were installed on my desktop. I had four video editing programs installed for the occasional time I may have need to edit video. I had three versions of LR, Paint Shop Pro 11, Zoner Studios and another photo editing software that I can recall the name – because I never used it – installed on the desktop. I also have Adobe Creative Cloud which gives me another version of LR. Gah! No wonder the hard drive fried. Luckily all my email messages were not lost with the failed hard drive. It took several days of sorting through this mess to streamline all the programs that reside on my desktop. It is now a more efficient workspace and I’m going to work to keep it clutter free.

Another twist in this mess came with the realization that my LR photo organization just plain sucked. All my photos are routinely backed up to an external hard drive which is a good habit to get into if you create content. However, the files and photos are labeled only by date taken. If I did not edit the photo, there is no descriptive label. I have several years of photos that only have a date in their file name. This gives me a headache every time I think on it. Going forward, I’ve made changes in my LR photo import workflow to add more descriptive labels before saving to the hard drive.

Despite the computer insanity of the past week, my marathon training has been going great! I am halfway through a 16 week training program for the 2014 Berlin Marathon. The training plan called for an 18 mile run on Saturday which turned out to be one of the best distance runs I’ve completed. The early morning run started with near perfect conditions of cloud cover and low humidity. Just as I approached the 9 mile turnaround point, the clouds opened up and a cool, refreshing rain fell as I ran through Forbidden trail towards Lloyd Hall. I was practically skipping with joy during this run. Thank you, running gods, THANK YOU.

Stay tuned, there is much more to come on this blog!

Once I figure out the #%#%$#@$ Win 8.1 OS.


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