Photo News & Notes

Light by Bruce Munro

Lots of photography related news has caught my attention this week. Hmmm, who am I kidding, photo news catches my attention every day.  If you were to peek at my browser history you would think I might have a strong obsession with PetaPixel, Fstoppers, Digital Rev and Photoblographer.  Peppered in between are visits to for tech goodness paired with entertaining, yet outlandish post titles.

The first item I want to share with you is truly jaw dropping. We recently marked the 70th anniversary of D-Day and my social media timeline was awash with images of the battle and those who fought during that long day. Photographer Robin Savage photographed portraits of British D-Day veterans who returned to the locations where they fought during the D-Day campaign. The portraits of the D-Day veterans and their stories can be found in a remarkable book, D-Day Last of the Liberators. The video below captures the journey of these veterans to the places sacred to them. What more can I say, other than to express gratitude for their bravery on that long day. via Petapixel


2. Canon has announced the début of its version of Dropbox called Irista. This image hosting service is free to join and you start with 10 gigs of cloud space. For power users there are larger storage options with set subscription fees as per Canon: Up to 10GB: No cost, full functionality, Up to 50GB: €4.99 per month, or €49.00 per year, Up to 100GB: €10.99 per month, or €109.00 per year.  There is no file size restrictions and photos (JPEG and RAW only) will automatically sync to Irista. I joined and set my LR5 edited photo folder to sync with Irista. At first blush, I find little difference between Irista and Dropbox. I will watch and see how this new cloud-based photo storage program evolves. Via Fstoppers.
3.  There is so much wrong with this incident.  A women agitated over  a photographer using a drone (UAV) to photograph Hammonasset Beach in Madison, CT,  physically assaults the photographer.  The photographer,who gamely kept his cool during the attack, managed to videotape the encounter on his cell phone.  When the police arrived, the woman was arrested and charged due to the video evidence collected by the photographer.  Is this becoming a trend with photographers who use drones to capture images? What precautions could photographers take to avoid this type of situation?  This story also goes to show you there are craaazy people in this world. I’m happy this incident ended with no real harm being done and justice being served.  Fair warning,  the link will direct you to the PetaPixel post which has the video of the assault and it is definitely not work safe – cursing abounds in this clip.
4. iOS 8 time-lapse capability demonstrated on a iPhone 5s.  I wonder how it will work with the upcoming iPhone 6?  Speaking of time-lapse video, let me share with you my first time-lapse video. It is guaranteed to bore the socks off you!  The video was shot with a Canon T1i and 40mm f/2.8 lens in my beautiful garden. A blog post on how I created this masterpiece is in the works along with hopefully new and improved time-lapse video.



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