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Happy Friday the 13th!

Last week Canon officially announced the release of the 5DS and 5DS-R multi-mega pixel cameras that will be available in June. Photographer Tony Northrup takes a very close look at the specs of these cameras and shared his findings which blow the roof off. It seems all this camera has to offer is 50 mega-pixels and nothing else to recommend itself. I honestly don’t get this release and have zero interest in purchasing the camera.

What I’d really like is a Canon 5DM4 (I don’t care if the number 4 is bad luck) with 10fps, 4K video at a decent frame rate, wi-fi, and a touch screen. Is that too much to ask from Canon?

Every once in a while I like to create a video blog instead of typing out a post. Shake things up a bit on the blog and give more insight into my personality. Last fall I purchased the Canon 7D Mark 2 a highly anticipated update from the five year-old 7D. This camera is considered Canon’s flagship APS-C sensor camera and I fell in love with it from day one. In the video, I share top five things I love about the 7DM2.

For those curious, I captured the video using a Canon 50mm f1/4 and attached a DM-50 microphone to the camera. It seems the Rode lavalier microphone does not work well with the iPhone 5s and I broke out my backup microphone. Let me know what you think of the video? Should I create more? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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  • Neocon

    What about the high ISO performance? One of the reasons I moved got a new dSLR was improved high ISO quality.

  • Jack Rackim

    Hello Tania, I liked your video. In addition to being informative, it was well done. I liked the attention you put into your background items. I’d enjoy seeing a mixture of video and written word. I’d imagine the video was a little more difficult than writing. Although with repeated videos it will become easier for your. Overall, a great video. I wonder what you thought of it.