Photokina or Bust!

Late Summer at Longwood Garden

Hey! Guess who will not be attending the world’s largest photography convention on the planet – Photokina. Me.

I’ll just set my sights on Photokina 2016 unless it conflicts with the Berlin marathon. Priorities, people! I will be keeping an eye on updates from this event, specifically if the rumors are correct and there is a Canon APS-C flagship EOS 7D update reveal at Photokina. I’m hoping for an updated sensor and better video quality. Canon 24mm pancake lens, one of three lenses rumored to be revealed at Photokina has caught my attention. Hopefully it will be priced for mere mortals because it looks as though it would make a great first prime lens.

Vote Yes or Vote No Scottish Referendum scheduled on September 18th. A Yes vote would mean an instant EU dependency. A No vote would incur decades more whining while still being a dependency within the United Kingdom. I don’t see a clear victory one way or the other. Therefore, I declare that I’m on regarding  this referendum. A friend reminded me of a classic Simpson episode that neatly sums up this whole situation along with a catchy tune.



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