Post Debate Impressions

Fox News Debate photo credit: Fox News

What a whirlwind couple of days it has been for me. I am so thankful Fox News aired my video question during the prime time Republican presidential debate. I have to say it was VERY cool to see my video during the debate. CNN reports 24 million viewers tuned into the debate, making this debate the highest rated non-sports cable program.

Well, hello world.

I reviewed Senator Rubio’s response to my question after my initial excitement receded and found nothing objectionable in his response. The Senator followed up with a Twitter response to me as well.

This morning I had the pleasure to talk about this experience with Fox29Philly . It was a fantastic interview, I enjoyed chatting with Karen Hepp in studio. I want to take this opportunity to clear up a fumbled response when asked who are my favorite candidates at the moment. I have no clear standout candidate to support at the moment. However, I held back what I really wanted to say about Donald Trump, instead I mumbled something non-committal. That is an unacceptable response to the question. On the drive home, I berated myself for not saying what needed to be said. If I could have a do-over this is what I would say: “This election is not one of Donald Trump’s boardroom meetings, he does not get the final say. Voters have the last word on the fate of Donald Trump’s presidential aspiration. As a voter and as a woman, I am telling Donald Trump – you’re fired. Take your microphone and leave the stage.”

Tania on Fox News photo credit: Peter F.

Whew, I feel better after posting my thoughts on ‘The Donald’. Now I can relax and go for a run, Reykjavík Half Marathon is only a few weeks away!

What are your thoughts on the debate and Trump’s comments towards Megan Kelly?

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  • Dale Light

    Thanks for posting, Tania. Like you, I have many, many reservations about The Donald, but am uncertain as to which candidate I can support. By the way that Peter F picture of you is great — you have a lovely smile and it comes across in that photo.

  • rochester_veteran

    My two favored candidates are Ted Cruz and Scott Walker and I thought Walker did well, better than Cruz and it was both the combination of his answers and his deportment why I rate Walker over Cruz. I do believe Cruz is the smartest of all the candidates but sometimes he lacks in the charisma department and comes off as harsh at times. BTW, I like your “do over” on the Trump question! I’m no fan of Donald Trump either.

    Again, great question and exposure to 24 million viewers! 🙂

    • rochester_veteran

      Just got to watch your interview on FOX 29. You did well! I hope you brew an IPA when you open your brewery! 🙂

  • Trevor Hilton

    Didn’t watch it. But, while I’m not a fan of Trump, I admire the way he lets you know just EXACTLY what’s on his mind. The establishment Republicans are falling all over themselves trying to condemn, him. They should be asking themselves why the Base seems to support him.

  • How about this:

    “As a voter and as a woman, I am telling Donald Trump – you’re fired.” (drops mic)

    Happy for you and good job with the question. It was a great one. You should moderate a debate!

  • No don’t go forgetting the rest of us little peons on your raise to fortune and fame. 😉

    • Tania

      Ha! Never.