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Recap: 2014 Shamrock Anthem Dolphin Challenge


2014 Shamrock Anthem Dolphin Challenge. I came, I ran, and I collected lots of bling. The Shamrock Anthem Dolphin Challenge consists of two runs; an 8K and a Half Marathon that are run consecutively.  I have to say this was the first 8K I have ever registered and run.  I feel so accomplished as a runner at this moment.  This weekend would not have been a spectacular as it was without my favorite nerds and fellow runners – Trish, Shanae and Jana.

Shamrock Anthem Medals

The trifecta of medals! Dophin Challenge completed.

Now on to the races. First up was the Towne Bank 8K, a flat run the ends on the boardwalk. I was quite happy with my time on this run and was feeling confident about the half marathon on the following day.

Towne Bank 8K – My Garmin map:

Shamrock Anthem Half Marathon – a loop course that is basically flat. It loops through Ft. Story and finishes right past the Neptune statue on the Boardwalk.  It is a good course to attempt a PR and I did match my fastest Half Marathon time on this course.  At the finish, I was delighted to collect two medals for my efforts this weekend.

After running an 8K plus a Half Marathon, I made sure to bring the 8K medal and donned all three medals for a quick photo.

This weekend has become a favorite run/travel destination. The weather can be unpredictable as you are right on the shoulder of Spring.  We had remarkable good weather for most of the weekend, so I’ll take that as a win this year.   However, we returned home to yet another snowstorm in our region. Officially, winter sucked this year.

Fort Story Lighthouse. We climbed 190 stairs to the top lookout and I was only mildly claustrophobic.

Fort Story Lighthouse

Fort Story Lighthouse

Sunset with a full moon rising. Thankfully, Trish packed her tripod and we had fun shooting this from the balcony of my hotel room.  Marriott hooked us up with some great rooms for this trip.

Virginial Beach, VA

Moonrise over the Atlantic Ocean

Sunrise that greeted me as I headed out to the start of the Towne Bank 8K.

Town Bank 8K

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean

View from the balcony towards the Shamrock finish line on the Boardwalk shows kids completing their ‘Final Mile’ run. During the school year, students run a total of 25.2 miles and complete the final mile of a marathon distance on the actual course. The students, along with their teachers and parents, run the last mile to the finish line where they get a special medal and fantastic memories of their accomplishment. How cool would it be for Philly to organize a ‘Final Mile’ for our Marathon? Very cool, indeed.

Final Mile participants closing in on the finish line.

The final stretch of the Half and Full Marathon on Virginia Beach boardwalk

Beer walls. In case you were wondering, this is what Marathon and Half Marathon finishers get up to post race.  All in all, this is a spectacular weekend half marathon for everyone. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about this race.  From start to finish this is a well run event that I HIGHLY recommend to anyone interested in early spring distance runs.

Post race party on the beach.

Beer wall of champions


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