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Rumor Has It – Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and Iphone 6


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Via Canon Rumors via Northern Lights

Rumor has it the EOS 5D MK4 and 1D X MK2 will début in January and February of 2015. Rumor has it there will be advances made to the sensor – one can always hope. A quick check shows NAB is scheduled for April 2015. Perhaps that would be a more proper venue to début two stars of the Canon camera line? Currently saving my pennies for either EOS 5D MK3 or MK4 – whichever turns out to be the better camera.

Lots of  iPhone 6 rumors floating about this week. WallStreet Cheat Sheet has a good round-up of them all.  It seems there may be an increase in the size of the phone pushing it into ‘phablet’ territory. There may be different size phones released a size to suit your budget?  I’m now reading more about differences in camera technology and optics if Apple goes the route of multiple phones.  Sigh….Apple here is my money, just give me the date when the ‘phablet’ with the image stabilized optics becomes available.  The rumored date is September 19th, inbox me the actual date.

Just to get your imagination running on what the last design of the upcoming iPhone may be, here is a 32 minute iOS8 WWDC 2014 presentation:


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