Spread Love Not The Flu

Happy September! Now is the time to start thinking about getting your seasonal Influenza vaccine shot.

Via the CDC:

“CDC recommends that people get vaccinated against flu soon after vaccine becomes available, if possible by October.

It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body and give protection against the flu.

Doctors and nurses are encouraged to begin vaccinating their patients soon after vaccine becomes available, preferably by October so as not to miss opportunities to vaccinate. ”

CDC Flu Info 2015-2016 Season. Lots of evidence based information and links to more resources on seasonal influenza.

Key preventative actions you can do to help ward off the Flu can be found HERE.

This blog is about spreading quality information and love – I want all my readers to have a healthy and fun-filled winter. The best start to that is by getting your Flu shot today!



Sorry for the audio – it seems the lavaliere microphone battery died 🙁


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  • rochester_veteran

    Flu shot clinic at work next Thursday, 9/17, 10am-1pm, got it scheduled on my calendar. Again, thanks for your reminder, Tania!

  • rochester_veteran

    Thanks for the reminder about getting a flu shot, Tanya! My wife is being treated for stage 4 cancer and starting her third round of chemo tomorrow, I’ve been especially vigilant in getting my flu shot and following the “Six Seasonal Influenza Tips”, as getting the flu could be devastating to her. Where I work, they offer free flu shot clinics that I take advantage of and will be keeping aware of when they start. I appreciate your friendly reminder!