Spring Running Series


Despite the record amounts of snow and ice, Spring is fast approaching. I repeat this often to myself when on training runs and I believe it is becoming my new mantra.


Virginia Beach – Shamrock Dolphin Challenge – 8K + Half Marathon

Philadelphia Love Half Marathon


Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K

Bucks County Half Marathon


Broad Street 10 Miler


Half Sauer Half Kraut Half Marathon

Blog rules prevent me from revealing the comment that jumps out of my mouth every time I view this schedule.  It is fairly ambitious schedule with the goal of keeping my mileage up during the months preceding marathon training.  May is the formal start of my 16 week training schedule for the 2014 Berlin Marathon. Spring and Summer will be quite busy before I jet off the Berlin to run around the city and get a medal for my efforts.

Of course, I will be posting race recaps as they occur. Happy running, everyone!


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  • My focus is a bit more limited this year. After a dislocated toe and a partially torn Achilles, my goal this year is to stay injury free. If so, I might up my fall mileage for the Richmond marathon. Had to bow out of the half last year due to the Achilles injury.

    For the record, both injuries last year were not running related. I guess my previous life as a dung beetle didn’t build up enough good karma.

    • Tania

      Hmmm, I thought I approved your comments but still they wind up in the ‘To Approve Bucket’.

      Still working out issues on this blog.

      Dung beetle, huh.

  • Since you ran the Shamrock 1/2, I was going to ask if trail runs interest you because the James River Scramble in Richmond is coming up. Looking at your schedule, I don’t see much free space this year. But I highly recommend it for the future. A fun off road race.

    • Tania

      My focus this year is a successful Berlin marathon run. After that, I’m looking for fun runs to finish the year. Also, a bit leary of trail runs, since they tend to break my bones. I will be posting a race recap of Shamrock this week.