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When I’m not running, brewing, working or exploring photography, I sit down with my friends Jimmie Bise and SuperMegaProducer Mike (SMP)  to create a podcast on all things Sci-Fi called Strangeworlds Travelogue. We  release the podcast every other week, barring one of us getting lost in wormhole. Ahem, Jimmie. The podcast is a seriously funny take on sci-fi topics that range from Ewok selfies to summer sci-fi novel discussions. In between, you will discover why Sweet Baby Jesus would be the preferred beverage served in replicators of any starship under my command. Jimmie Bise brings his wit, humor and encyclopedic knowledge of the sci-fi genre to the show, I bring the goofiness and together we make a great podcast that you will enjoy. Whether you are a dyed-in-the wool trekkie or have a passing interest in Sci-Fi, this show has something for everyone and we serve it up every two weeks for your listening pleasure.

I have to say that I enjoy working with Jimmie and SMP on this podcast. It is a chance for me to explore my sci-fi side that I rarely discuss on blogs or social media sites.

Check out our website – StrangeWorlds Travelogue.  Like our show? Let us know by leaving a comment or sharing your thoughts on social media. We love to read what you think of the show.  We would really, really love it if your shared the podcast with friends, family, and foes.

You can download the podcasts through our iTunes Feed.

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Many thanks to Jim Jamitis for creating our awesome logo.

Becca Lower is the voice that concludes our shows. In real life, she is superwoman.

What sci-fi topics would you like us to discuss on Strangworlds Travelogue? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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  • Trevor Hilton

    Ahead warp factor 1, and may the Force be with you.
    I like Sci Fi, too.