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What a crazy weekend! The weather was perfect for every type of outdoor activity. My 12 mile run on Saturday was filled with cool breezes and low humidity. Unfortunately, sometime during the run – most likely when I stopped to take a photo of Falls Bridge – I lost my iPhone 4s. I was planning on waiting for the rumored September release of the updated iPhone to upgrade my phone until I discovered the iPhone missing as I was leaving for home. I was heartsick when my 4s was disabled then replaced with the iPhone 5s. I’m thanking my lucky stars I had the good fortune of backing up my phone early this week.

After untangling this problem, I headed to the Independence Hall Welcome Center to pick up my bib # and goodie bag for Freedom 5K run scheduled early Sunday morning. Going through the goodie bag at home I noticed the name on the bag was not mine. Sigh. I posted messages on the organizers Twitter feed and Facebook with no reply. So, I slept in this morning.

In lieu of running a 5K this morning, I wrestled the garden back from encroaching weeds and staked the grafted tomato plants. This is an off-year in the garden, meaning, I did not plant out to capacity and have left one bed to lie fallow this season. I’m planning on green mulching all the beds with Red Clover when the season comes to close.

Finally made the trip to the brewery store to pick up a plastic carboy for the milk stout I’ve set to brew last weekend. Also, picked up an all in one cleaner/sanitizer for the brewing gear. I’ll have to read up more on this before I use it. I’m very particular about how I clean and sanitize every item in the brewing process. Planning on transferring the stout tomorrow evening after boot camp workout. Fingers crossed for this experimental brew to work!

In short, I spent this weekend working on my side projects. Well, three of them – marathon training, gardening, and beer brewing. I’m also blogging about it, so make that four side projects. Why post on this? On June 18th, Chase Jarvis interviewed the remarkably talented Tina Roth (AKA Swiss Miss) on Chase Jarvis LIVE. I was not able to watch the live show due to my day job. I was able to submit a question on Twitter to Tina Roth regarding interests vs superpowers during the live show and it was asked to Tina during the live show.


With my hectic schedule, I found time to watch the interview today, Sunday June 29th, and had no idea the tweet would be read on this show. It was a delightful surprise when Chase read my tweet during the interview. The premise of her talk was to discuss why your side projects are your creative engine and usually where your big ideas come from. I blog primarily about three of them, and have more in the pipeline such as aerial photography and podcasting (Strangeworlds Travelogue). I spend a lot of time learning, improving and sharing my results on the blog and in real life. With equal interest, how do you select which one will be your superpower or do you accept them all as superpowers? Also, how do you bend time and space to accommodate the time demands of each of them? Hopefully, answers will be found in the interview with Tina Roth. I highly recommend watching the Chase Jarvis LIVE interviews, I always find nuggets of inspiration and knowledge in each of them. You can watch the interviews at CJ Live Page. You can find Tina online at

Here is the Chase Jarvis LIVE interview with Tina Roth (Swiss Miss). You can catch my Twitter question to Tina at 35:18.


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  • Trevor Hilton

    Why didn’t you go to Church if you couldn’t run? 😛