sweetgreen Sneak Peek


I am so flipping excited! Tomorrow evening I get to check out the newest sweetgreen opening at 10th & Walnut Street in downtown Philly.

What is sweetgreen? Established in 2007, sweetgreen works with farmers to curate locally sourced, organic ingredients into a healthy and delicious menu.  Seriously good eats, people!


I want to thank  Ellyn Quigg for kindly inviting me to a sneek peak menu tasting of sweetgreen before opening day at the Center City place.  I am always happy to discover and promote healthy ‘fast food’ options for urban dwellers like myself.   The store offers a range of salads, wraps and soups. Also, sweet frozen yogurt! The ingredients are locally sourced and the names of the farms supplying fresh ingredients are prominently displayed when you walk into the store.

sweetgreen local vendor list

Weekly Wisdom of sweetgreen

As the season changes, so does the menu at sweetgreen. It is best to check online to check out the seasonal items. The soup pictured above is a white bean soup with sweet potato + kale. I ate all of it – even scraped the bottom of the container to grab the last few drops. The salad called Chic P – which has organic mesclun, organic baby spinach with baked falafel, chickpeas, cucumbers, green and red peppers and pita chips; topped with a lemon tahini dressing.  There wasn’t so much as a left over baby spinach leaf when I got through with this salad.  I was delighted by the tastiness of the soup and salad.

For a second salad choice, I chose the Earth Bowl which has warm grains, organic arugula with roasted chicken, white cheddar, grape tomatoes, raw corn and spicy broccoli; topped with a pesto vinaigrette. I put a dent in this salad as well. Seriously, I had no appetite till about 2 pm today, bootcamp workout and all.  Both salads provide enough food for at least two servings with maybe some leftover. The Earth Bow, with the farro and quinoa base can almost be considered a meal replacement, not just a side.

Earthbowl item

Earth Bowl goodness

Sweetgreen is a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional fast food service. It also serves to educate the public on the types of food available from local farms all year round. The serving sizes are generous which can easily be stretched into two meals – protecting your budget while protecting your health and the environment.  A win/win/win all around. Thanks again to Ellyn and sweetgreen for inviting me to sample their menu. I am highly impressed by the quality of the ingredients, the helpfulness of the servers and the darn good food served. They have earned a repeat customer.

Also, sweetgreen organizes a fabulous music and food Sweet Life Festival in Columbia, Maryland. This looks like a sweet festival to attend.

The festival is sold out for 2014. Bummer.


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