The End of Google Glass?




There are lots of rumors swirling about the demise of Google Glass. Developers are leaving the project,  apps are being abandoned and there is a distinct lack of social media noise being generated by or about Glass.

My two cents on these rumors –  I think Google made a strategic error when rolling out Google Glass. While I believe Google Glass with the right person in the right context can practically move mountains, the brains at Google thought matching social media tech gurus with Google Glass would be a more perfect idea. Turns out Google Glass was the perfect instrument to illuminate what a-holes they are in real-time. You put perfectly good Google Glass on a tech a-hole and you get what is now known as a ‘Glasshole’. Couple this with a public that is not too happy their illusion of privacy being torn down and you have the makings of a magnificent disaster.

Agree? Disagree? Have no idea what Google Glass is? Let me know in the comment section.


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  • Trevor Hilton

    I’ve heard of it. But don’t know a lot about it. I heard there are some privacy concerns because someone wearing them can capture images of random people without their knowledge, kinda like those contact lenses in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

    • Tania

      There definitely is an appropriate time and place for wearing Google Glass. Unfortunately, Google shared Glass with a number of people who arrogantly believe they are above societal rules.