The Resurgence of Letter Writing in 2017


Letters, letters everywhere.

Can you remember when your email contained more messages from family and friends than spam? When was the last time your mailbox was just that – a mailbox – instead of a bill box, a catalogue box or a bulk mail advert box?

Yeah. Me neither.

2017 is a year of focusing on writing more, running more ( must work on that) and photographing more. A writing idea of late has really caught fire in my mind. Publetters, the resurgence of the ancient art of letter writing while enjoying a brew in a local pub. Food, beer and writing, a recipe for wildly creative writing.

Because I am an ambitious fool, my letters are being sent to the highest members of society and to those just about eye level. All shall get equal candor within my letters. I invite my social media friends to share their address so I may write a letter to them.

Letters sent in January:

January 3rd: Birthday cards to Belgium, Monaco and GB Royal families.

January 10th: Letter to President-elect Trump

January 12th: Wedding Anniversary letter sent to Netherland Royal couple.

January 24th: Letters to Theresa May, PM of GB, and the newly sworn in President Trump. Also, a letter was sent to a FaceBook Friend.

January 30th: Birthday cards to Liechtenstein, GB, Luxembourg, and Norway Royal Families.

January 31st: Letter sent to Secretary General of the UN and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.


Of course I will share replies as I receive them. To date, I received a nice reply from Charlene of Monaco.

I have discovered a peaceful sense of disconnect from the digital world as I write these letters. A pause from the 24/7 updates on social media platforms. It is with amazement that I discovered the ease of stringing together thoughts and writing them down on paper. With no distractions, my focus narrows to my thoughts, my favorite fountain pen, and a blank sheet of paper. And like the Spice, the words must flow. And they do.

Stay tuned for more Publetter updates.


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  • D. B. Light

    Writing and drinking and drinking and writing and writing and drinking and drimkng, and ritngggg…… It the age-old formula.

  • Craig Como

    What a fabulous idea! The anticipation! Not to mention the excitement when/if/maybe you get a personal response from a Queen, King, head of State, etc. Harks back to times of old when penpals were the only way to share greetings and cultural exchange between individuals across the world. I think the ubiquity of the Internet, Social Media, even cheap telephony (while fantastic) has taken a bit of the ‘romance’ away from the world. Watching with interest for any more replies! – Craig from Australia.