The Summer of Quadcopters


The summer is heating up among quadcopter manufacturers. There are several models making waves this summer that have the potential to revolutionize the way we take photos and video.

Listed are three that have interesting potential for changing the game in photography. Don’t be surprised if you read a future post reviewing my latest quadcopter.

Lily – A waterproof quadcopter that flies itself! The first selfie quadcopter.

Phantom 3 – DJI Phantom 3 with integrated camera, three-axis gimbal and sonar for times when you need to fly a quadcopter indoors.

Solo – 3DRobotic quadcopter designed for photographers.

GoPro quadcopter? GoPro has announced plans to release a quadcopter in the first half of 2016.

Added bonus – Once you conquer the air, the next frontier is the ocean with a GoPro equipped TTR-SB ‘Seawolf’

So much competition will lead to better, safer and stable quadcopters in the near future. I’m looking forward to see what’s next! What say you photo friends? Would you invest in a quadcopter or stay more earth-bound in photography?


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  • rochester_veteran

    The Lily is cool and easy to use, provided it operates the way it’s supposed to in its promotional video. Turns out that upon further review, the prototype was not quite ready for prime time. This type of quadcopter could have many uses:

    From: RIT emerges as leader in drone research”>

    One of the first areas to leverage this new technology is precision agriculture, and researchers at RIT have been developing systems to address issues like drought management and disease detection.

    Here’s how it works. A farmer launches a small drone by simply throwing it into the air. The aircraft circles a couple of times to orient itself, then it goes back and forth until it has taken high-resolution pictures of each individual plant in his entire field. When it lands, the information is downloaded to a computer that can begin analyzing the images, asking questions about what the images show.

    A throw and fly quadcopter will have many uses, including a selfie cam and they’re easy to use, but the developer of the Lily needs to work the bugs out.

    • Tania

      I did see that video of the Lily behaving badly. I agree it is not ready for prime time. Although, it is not being released for sale until 2016 giving the engineers time to work out the major bugs in this quadcopter.