Timelapse with TriggerTrap

Timelapse TriggerTrap

The weather is predicted to drop into arctic temperatures in the next few days, I thought to resurrect a post created last May which has languished in the draft bin since that time. I crave sunshine and warmth this time of year, especially since I’m out running in the cold and dark most days in preparation for the Paris Marathon.

The set up: Canon EOS Rebel TI1 with 40mm f/2.8 ‘pancake’ lens. I hooked a TriggerTrap dongle to the camera and iPhone, using the camera strap to cradle the phone during use. I simply set the interval through the Trigger Trap app, pointed the camera to the clouds and let it get to work. In the interim, I worked to bring my little urban garden back to life. It was a perfect Spring day to multitask my favorite hobbies.

TriggerTrap Timelapse

Boring first video, unless fluffy white clouds are your thing, then enjoy! I used LightRoom to edit the images and create the time-lapse video seen below.

The 7DMark2 had a built-in intervalometer eliminating the need for add-on parts.

I hope you enjoyed this little preview of Spring. I miss Spring. And warmth. And sunlight. I think I’ll sit back and watch this video a few dozen times.


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