To Google Glass or Not

I have to admit that I’ve been fascinated with Google Glass since it was unleashed to developers and social media creators a few years back. I even applied to the Google Glass Explorers program earlier this year and did receive an invite to buy a beta version of Glass. US$1500 granted you the privileged to wear a beta version Google Glass. For the same amount, Google has opened up the program to anyone who wishes to buy Glass. Unfortunately, this year I have other more precious uses for that money – Berlin Marathon, Paris Marathon, and Vancouver SeaWheeze Half Marathon are on the agenda for this year. Also, a Canon EOS Mark5D 3 might well be in my future. So..maybe next year? The question I get asked the most when I share my fascination over Google Glass is what would I do with Google Glass as a non-professional tech geek? Essentially, how would Google Glass fit into or enhance my daily work flow? These are off the cuff ideas that I have without the benefit of knowing all the specific functions of Google Glass.

  • Accessing gardening videos and tips while I’m futzing around my organic garden.
  • Create lists, lots of lists with alerts and reviews.
  • Video collaborations – specifically with the project/problem in front of me.
  • Set medicine alerts and set calendar appointment reminders.
  • Track my runs and upload the results to an online run tracking platform.
  • Track my cycling workouts then upload the results to a tracking platform.
  • Create first person photo tutorials.
  • Create first person home brewing tutorials and video blog posts.
  • Research specific photo techniques while in the field.
  • Driving navigation.
  • Review emails.
  • Answer phone calls.
  • Check my blog stats and comments.
  • Take informational photos, such as, plant name placards.
  • Take and share photos on Instagram, G+ and FaceBook.
  • Search recipes and cooking tips while preparing meals.
  • Glass shall become wearable personal assistant by me, somehow.

Wearable tech like Google Glass is our future.  Sometimes it is better to get ahead of the curve in technology then play catch up in the future. That being said, all the items listed above are activities my iPhone or Kindle Fire handle on a daily basis. What will be the tipping point when consumers begin using Glass over a smart phone or tablet for these activities? Although I see usable potential with Glass within my lifestyle, I don’t have a specific answer to the question at this time. All I can suggest is to be helpful when people ask questions or share concerns about Glass.  I am aware that the public introduction of Google Glass through social media leaders has had a rocky start.  On this point, I suspect churlish human behavior than the Glass technology that was at fault. If you own Glass, it would not hurt to brush up on a few etiquette rules when wearing Glass.

What are your thoughts on this emerging technology? If you had $1500 to spend, would you purchase Glass? If so, how do you see this technology enhance your daily workflow? If not, why not?

No, I don’t work for Google nor do I own Google Glass at the moment. I’m just a curious blogger.



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  • Trevor Hilton

    I am so much on the trailing edge of technology I don’t even own a smart phone now. I like to wait until the bugs are worked out and the price comes down before I buy new technology