To The Moon or Bust



Last weekend, I was brimming with optimism after my ultrasound result was negative.  While scrolling through my Twitter timeline, I noticed a comical tweet from Jay Caruso. The tweet contained the image of a fantastical full moon. Jay was clarifying that he did not take this moon photo with his phone. The only person he believed could take this photo would be Chase Jarvis. 

Who is Chase Jarvis? He is a phenomenal photographer and human being. He can take better photos with a Lego camera than most take with a dSLR. You can find several of his videos on photography and life philosophy on this blog. His work ethic is exceptional and I am happy to share his wisdom on this blog. 

I jumped into the Twitter conversation suggesting Chase could pull off this photograph. 

Reviewing the Twitter conversation this evening, I see a bit of cheekiness on my part. 

What Was I Thinking

I may have challenged Chase Jarvis on Twitter before backtracking my statement. 

Perhaps this was not a challenge meant for Chase. Maybe this is a personal challenge to capture a more interesting photograph of the moon? Perhaps a moon rise over the Ben Franklin Bridge or the Art Museum? My head is spinning with ideas tonight. I plan on reaching out to local photographers for ideas on shooting locations and perhaps a meet up.

The fear is gone. I’m back, my dear readers!


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  • jaycaruso

    This is great! Actually, I did see somebody capture some great shots of the moon with his phone through a telescope. Interesting way to do it.

  • The fear is gone. I’m back, my dear readers!


    • TaniaGail

      So much to catch up on with the blog!