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Best Weather Watcher crew in Philly

3:15 am the sound of clamoring bells tolling from my iPhone jolts me from sleep. Scrambling around in the darkness, I attempt to get camera ready for an in-studio appearance for CBS 3 Philly’s Weather Watcher Friday program.

By 5:47 I’m smiling and waving at a camera during the live broadcast. How did I get to have this awesome experience, I wondered as the camera went live. Luckily I did not fall off the chair during that moment. I worried about the oddest things while in studio that morning.

#Live Long and Prosper! Tune into CBS3 Philly Morning Show

#Live Long and Prosper! Also tune into CBS3 Philly Morning Show

It is important to broadcast prompt and accurate weather information during the live show. Featured behind me are several programs that I briefly explored before the broadcast. Collected weather data is carefully cross-checked before it is posted to weather graphics seen by viewers tuning into CBS3 Philly. Also, the weather team can use local weather reports filed by the CBS3 Philly Weather Watchers. This extra bit of information shared by a group of enthusiastic weather watchers helps the CBS3 weather team monitor neighborhood weather conditions.

Tania and Lauren Casey

#Science Rocks!

I always wonder how tightly one should clench their hands when speaking during a live broadcast. Those that watched the broadcast reported I spoke well during this segment with Lauren Casey. As for myself, I was convinced I spoke in a form of high elvish.

The entire morning crew were so very welcoming to me. Mind you, their work day started way before the sun was up over the horizon. And look at them – they are absolutely fabulous! So very poised, professional and on point with their work flow.

And then there is me.

CBS3 Philly Morning Crew

I signed up to be a CBS3 Philly Weather Watcher in 2014 with no idea of the experiences and friendships that were waiting to launch. It’s been a remarkable journey and the Friday morning visit to the studio marks another highlight in this relationship.

At the Anchor Desk at CBS3 Philly studio


After the segment was over, I toured the rest of the studio with super producer Steve. It takes a group effort to create a dynamic live show every day. It was my pleasure to meet the talented crew who work diligently behind the scenes to make this show come alive.

Skydeck at CBS3 Philly


Posing on the Sky Deck with the gorgeous Philadelphia skyline behind me;  I discovered I have lots to say to residents of Philly. Mostly revolving around running, science and weather matters. Information Philadelphia residents need to hear.

Also, just ignore the fork because as you well know, there is no fork.

Sunday Sports Desk at CBS3 Philly


Sunday Kickoff sports desk. Before I type another word, let me clue you in on my lack of sports knowledge. Of the four helmets on the desk, I can only name one of them. But never mind that, how about discussing the benefits stretching before and after a long run. I have a strong feeling that I’ll not be asked to present at this desk on any given Sunday.  And I’m okay with that.

Science Desk


The Science Center desk is my happy place. This is where I belong; educating and inspiring a new generation of scientists and thinkers. Yes, I believe this is a perfect fit for me and Dr. Bones in the corner.

Science Center at CBS3 Philly


Making a new friend at CBS3 Philly. Have I told you about my famous Xmas card featuring a wreath decorated with bones? I’m considering printing a limited number of the cards this year. Let me know if you would like me to send you one.

If you live in or around Philadelphia and after reading this blog post would like to find more information about CBS3 Weather Watcher Program. Click HERE where you find a page full of weather watcher information and an application to become a CBS3 Philly Weather Watcher.

I would like to thank Katie Fehlinger for inviting me to visit the studio and the morning crew for their warm welcome during my visit.



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  • Michael Smart

    Sounds like you had a blast!

    • Tania

      Yes I did.

  • It was so good seeing you on the live stream of the CBS3 morning news! You did a great job in your interview and were very composed and engaging!

    • Tania

      Thanks for watching!!