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An all to brief photowalk around Wissahickon Park, sometimes known as Forbidden Drive. This is a favorite running trail and I’ve always been curious to explore this patch of wilderness around Philadelphia. Now that my marathon for this year is complete, I had a bit of spare time to follow my curiosity and explore this area more closely.

Of course, I  did not bring a tripod and had to use the environment to mimic a tripod for the waterfall shots.

Wissahickon (73 of 100)

The geese were a bit territorial and were not about to let any interloping duck get between them an a free snack.

Wissahickon (37 of 100)

Leaves floating in water. I’m a sucker for this type of image and I lost count of how many photos I’ve shot over the years.

Wissahickon (67 of 100)

More waterfall goodness. I was laying on my side supporting the camera on the flattest rock I could find to get this shot. This is when a tripod would have been useful to have along.

Wissahickon (81 of 100)

Free water forever! Well forever lasted about 100 years until the fountain was sealed due to unsafe levels of contaminants in the water.

Wissahickon (93 of 100)



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