Welcome Spring! 5 Reasons to Love This Season


5 Things I adore about spring

1. Spring distance runs:

Hot Chocolate 15K Philadelphia

The starting gate of the 2014 Hot Chocolate 15K

Spring Crocus

Natures first green is gold – and sometimes purple

2. First signs of spring – Crocus!

3. The smell of newly planted garden. The garden at the moment is in a bit of wrecked state from the polar vortex winter. Give me a few weeks and the garden will be up and running.

Gardening Quotes

Keep Calm and Pot On.

4. Longwood Gardens

Spring Flowers

The Spectacle that is Longwood Gardens in Springtime

5. Winterthur Garden March Bank

MarchBank flowers

Spring has officially sprung when the March Bank appears at Winterthur


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  • Trevor Hilton

    What I like about Spring:

    • Tania

      After this horrific winter, I am so appreciative of Spring. Now, to clean up the garden…

  • Dale Light

    You’re right, Tania, Spring is wonderful. Remembering how great is what gets us through those long, hard winters.

    • Tania

      I just want to forget this winter happened, Dale.