Welcome To December!


November is over? How did that happen? Oh yeah, National Novel Writing Month (NanoWriMo) happened and I am the proud owner/writer of a steaming pile of a first draft novel. Well, actually, only half the novel has been written. I realized after week one this story was shaping into a beast of epic novel-ness. The stated goal of NaNoWriMo is to reach 50,000 words written in one month. No way was this going to contain my entire tale. And that is alright, after years of just talking about writing a story that has jangled around in my head, I actually sat down and wrote half of it. I’m going to take a moment to savor this……

Okay, I’m back.

I need to thank a fellow NanoWriMo participant, BigGator5, for spreading the word about this November writing project. If not for him, I would still be talking about writing instead of actually writing the darn story. BIG, Huuuuuuge THANK YOU, Gator!!

My next goal is to complete the entire steaming pile of first draft goodness by January 1, 2016. Next year will be focused on editing, editing, editing, editing, and maybe publishing.

December will be a month of blog post catch up to hopefully complete the story of my year. I’ve a backlog of stories and photos to share *cough* Iceland *cough*. Also, Alex and Lucy will be back with the Friday 100 Word Fiction Challenge. I missed writing about their adventures. Of course, the Blab Friday night discussions will be posted along with my Friday Fiction submission for the week.

Writing is a lot like running were the benefits are directly proportional to how much work you put in.

See you all on the blog or on the trails!

Happy December!


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  • rochester_veteran

    Looking forward to reading your novel, Tania, sounds like it’s going to be epic!